On February 18, 2021, the inauguration ceremony of the “KOOM LA VIIM” (Water is life) project co-financed by Lions Club Seregno AID took place in the “Beoog-Tienbo” training village of Keoogo on the outskirts of Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso.

The COO of Keoogo’s operations, Zampou Lassina, presented the KOOM LA VIIM project in the context of the vast action of the association committed to the protection of street children, present in large numbers in the suburbs of the capital, with accompaniment and social reintegration paths.

Particular attention is paid to young women, often mothers, who need particular attention with taking charge of the family context and guaranteeing adequate food support.

The “Beoog-Tienbo” training village is one of the Keoogo activities created and supported by Swiss cooperation; the meeting with the Italian association A.Cross Onlus made it possible to create an important agricultural plan with particular attention to garden care. The need for a constant water supply for both food and irrigation purposes has found an answer in the project financed by the Italian friends of the Lions Club Seregno AID, particularly attentive to projects for the supply of drinking water in the most difficult contexts.

The construction of the well with drinking water was possible using local resources with the coordination of a geologist engineer responsible for preliminary prospecting, excavation equipment and workers.

The important and constant availability of water makes it possible to engage 50 women in the gardens with certain advantages for over 5,000 people in the nearby areas who can use the water and products from the gardens.

Lions Club Seregno AID is pleased to announce the assignment of the € 20,000 funding for the creation of water supply works with the 2020-2021 “Water is Life” call to the “Koom la vim” project, proposed by the Association A .CROSS Onlus.
Dear friends, do a good job!

This tangible support to a valuable project is possible thanks to the generosity of the participants of the World Water Day Photo Contest, thenks to the precious Sponsors and Supporters, and thanks to the commitment of the Lions Members.
Thank you! Let’s go on serving together!

Through the World Water Day Photo Contest, the Lions Club Seregno AID aims to raise funds to bring drinking water to communities who need water to live.

With the proceeds of the past editions, the Lions Club Seregno AID has launched call for the co-financing of an international cooperation project for the construction of drinking water supply systems.

What are the rights and what do they mean?

The right to water entitles everyone to have access to
sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water
for personal and domestic use.
(UN Water)