Lions Club Seregno Aid

Seregno AID is a member of the largest Service Association in the World, Lions Club International and is based in Seregno, Italy.

AID is an acronym for Assistance to International Development and it conveys the club’s mission to identify sources of financial cooperation with an emphasis on foreign countries with limited resources.

With reference to our Lionistic principles, which include promoting and fostering understanding among the world’s nations, Lions Club Seregno AID sees itself as an antenna for gathering information on the vast range of potential projects that supranational and international institutions and establishments often make available to countries in need, but just as often are not collected, for various reasons, by those countries for which they were created.

The analysis and the characteristics of each individual aid made available are therefore evaluated, reflected upon and weighed up to ensure that they go to those areas in need of such support.

From its inception in 2016, the Lions Club Seregno AID set out to establish a series of events, the first of which is the WORLD WATER DAY PHOTO CONTEST 22 MARCH 2017, to raise funds for the specific purpose of giving a real and solid example of its philosophy of cooperating with countries with limited resources.

The Lions Club Seregno AID is a moving force in circulating information on help available using their extensive communication network. Awareness raising activities will gradually become more widespread and comprehensive as they involve fellow Lions Clubs around the world, informing each other of support available as well as Charities, Development Agencies and Humanitarian Aid organisations.