Paolo Troilo

Paolo is an hyperrealist artist who paints with fingers.

We would all love to be in a transparent world, being able to move elegantly when it is not asked of us. Water demands no respect, it leaves us free to decide, this, deserves respect

Photo credits: Zoë Atkinson Fiennes and Paolo Troilo
Christy Lee Rogers

Christy is a visual artist that builds elaborate scenes of coalesced colors and entangled bodies that exalt the human character as one of vigor and warmth, while also capturing the beauty and vulnerability of the tragic experience that is the human condition.

'I use water to create worlds outside of this reality. Worlds in which I want to live, which are soft, passionate, full of freedom and yet show the vulnerability of humanity in a context of hope and beauty.

Photo credits: Christy Lee Rogers
Fausto Podavini

Fausto is a documentary photographer, specialized in medium to long-term works. World Press 2018 & 2013 winner

We will never understand the importance of Water, until the soil will be completely arid.

Photo credits: Marciana Borgo d’Arte
Miriam Watsemba

Miriam is an award winning documentary photojournalist and storyteller, with a background in Journalism and Communication.

As cliche as it may sound, water really is life. It is a representation of our bottomless possibilities, depth and  broadness as humanity.’

Photo credits: Miriam Watsemba
GMB Akash

GMB Akash is Photojournalist, Writer, Speaker, Philanthropist. Received over 100 awards.

Some people have no time to enjoy the rain because they remain too busy collecting drinking water. Please do not waste a drop of water, someone out there is spending hours just trying to get some!

Photo credits: Gmb Akash
Anna Acquistapace

Anna is a photoeditor, Communication strategist & Content creator and president of Gruppo Redattori Iconografici Nazionale.

Praised be You, my Lord, through Sister Water,which is very useful and humble and precious and chaste - Saint Francis of Assisi

Photo credits: Gabriella Corrado
Angelo Ferrillo e Sara Rossatelli

Sara is photographer and interior designer, Angelo is photoreporter, photoeditor, professor of photography and engineering. A couple of documentarist, an unique duo in our jury team.

Water is a natural oxymoron. It muffles and resounds, it is one and there are many.
Its transparency preserves the colors of the rainbow and its light and perpetual caress leaves traces of its presence.
Capable of shaping massive surfaces and spreading life, each drop is the mirror of wonderful worlds.

One day we will really realize how important it was to study from an early age that we are made of 60% water.
That day we will probably understand how stupid we were to underestimate the importance of that teaching.

Photo credits: Sara Rossatelli
Meaghan Ogilvie

Meaghan is an internationally recognized Photographer and visual artist whose diverse artistic collaborations are often aimed at raising awareness about water conservation.

Water is life

Photo credits: Melanie Galbrand-Chen
Marco Beretta

Marco is a photoreporter, travels in Asia with inseparable Hasselblad. Buddhist monks images, their symbols, sacred places & moments of prayer are the subjects of his projects

The quality of the water changes everything. And what I used is a snow collected five years ago on plum blossoms, when I was in the temple of the Sacred Volute Lens of the Funerary Incense. From each flower I made snow fall into a crystal vase, engraved with spiritual images, to then let it settle for five years, deeply buried under the ground. - Cao Xueqin

Photo credits: Marco Beretta
Trần Tuấn Việt

Tran Tuan Viet is an award-winning photographer and internationally published visual-storyteller.

Water is the source of life and exists within each of us. Love the water as you love yourself.

Photo credits: Trần Tuấn Việt
Luisa Bondoni

Luisa is art historian and critic of photography

Water is life. Nothing more than water tells us about the tragic division of the world, divided into that part that wastes it and that part that beg for it

Photo credits: Massimiliano Ferrari
Giacomo Brini

Giacomo is a free-lance, professor of photography, founder and artistic director of Riaperture Photofestival Ferrara.


drinking means feeding, it is used to talk about culture, to talk about love, to talk about life.

drinking means satisfying oneself by drinking.

it feeds on water.

The most precious asset must be made indispensable and therefore protected.

Photo credits: Giacomo Brini
Roberto Ridi

Roberto is an International landscape photographer, nature is his master.

The sea is what water means to me, a magnificent liquid, the sky's mirror. I live on an island, embraced by this immense element, changing, unstoppable, capable of instilling serenity but commanding respect, both gentle and mighty. From the transparency of the surface to its dark depths, it is like the human soul

Photo credits: Roberto Ridi
Georgina Goodwin

Georgina Goodwin is an independent documentary photographer specialized in social issues, women stories, and the environment.

When I was a young girl someone told me that the third world war would be over water. Back then I couldn’t believe that this could ever happen.
I’m saddened and shocked that today it seems we could be close to this. Water is everything to us, without it we simply cannot live. We can and must work very hard to keep this from becoming our reality, for everyone everywhere.

Photo credits: Georgina Goodwin