Paolo Troilo

Paolo is an hyperrealist artist who paints with fingers.

We would all love to be in a transparent world, being able to move elegantly when it is not asked of us. Water demands no respect, it leaves us free to decide, this, deserves respect

Photo credits: Zoë Atkinson Fiennes and Paolo Troilo
Simone Bramante

Simone “Brahmino” is Aesthetics. Story. Message. Creative Director & Photographer.

Just as water continuously changes shape taking on multiple "faces" based on the content in which it is poured and the way we used, so the faces of the people who needs water change, in a path of growth towards a new future.

Photo credits: Simone Bramante
Renata Ferri

Renata is journalist, photo editor, curator, teacher, and chief editor of iODonna

We cannot realize the important of water only when we miss it. We must always act so that it will never happen

Photo credits: Martina Bacigalupo for #liveforthestory
Carla Kogelman
The Netherlands

Carla is an internationally renowned photographer, World Press 2018 & 2014 winner

To me water is the essence of living

Photo credits: Sonja Liebhart
Nancy Borowick

Nancy Borowick is an internationally renowned photographer, author, teacher and speaker, and works regurally with New York Times.

For many of us, access to clean, safe water is a turn-of-the-tap away. It’s easy to take this life-giving, life-sustaining gift for granted but 2.2 billion people around the world are not as lucky and are at great risk, every day, of illness, disease and death because of the contaminated water. Photography is a powerful tool and through storytelling, photographs can create empathy, awareness, and become a catalyst for meaningful change.

Photo credits: Nancy Borowick
Angelo Ferrillo e Sara Rossatelli

Sara is photographer and interior designer, Angelo is photoreporter, photoeditor, professor of photography and engineering. A couple of documentarist and life partners, an unique duo in our jury team.

Water is a natural oxymoron. It muffles and resounds, it is one and there are many.
Its transparency preserves the colors of the rainbow and its light and perpetual caress leaves traces of its presence.
Capable of shaping massive surfaces and spreading life, each drop is the mirror of wonderful worlds.

One day we will really realize how important it was to study from an early age that we are made of 60% water.
That day we will probably understand how stupid we were to underestimate the importance of that teaching.

Photo credits: Sara Rossatelli
Roberto Ridi

Roberto is an International landscape photographer, nature is his master.

The sea is what water means to me, a magnificent liquid, the sky's mirror. I live on an island, embraced by this immense element, changing, unstoppable, capable of instilling serenity but commanding respect, both gentle and mighty. From the transparency of the surface to its dark depths, it is like the human soul

Photo credits: Roberto Ridi
GMB Akash

GMB Akash is Photojournalist, Writer, Speaker, Philanthropist. Received over 100 awards.

Some people have no time to enjoy the rain because they remain too busy collecting drinking water. Please do not waste a drop of water, someone out there is spending hours just trying to get some!

Photo credits: Gmb Akash
Domenico Cammarano

Domenico is a visul storyteller strongly connetted to analogue photography, He is also a geologist and a blogger.

You only realize the value of water when the well is empty

Photo credits: Domenico Cammarano 
Amilton Neves Cuna

Amilton is an International photoreporter, documentarist and anthropologist.

Water is the basis for all life. Everywhere you find life, you find water, so if you want to preserve life, you must preserve water.

Photo credits: Amilton Neves Cuna
Russell Ord

Russell an internationally acclaimed photographer and documentarist, is one of the world’s leading surf photographers, his ocean images are celebrated for simultaneously implying the cruelty and majesty of the sea.

Water is freedom!

Photo credits: Russell Ord
Jashim Salam

Jashim Salam is a photoreporter, journalist and artist.

Water is one of the most important substances on our planet. All living things must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth

Photo credits: Jashim Salam