Yann Arthus Bertrand

Photographer, environmentalist, filmmaker, the father of aerial photography

When taking a drink is as easy as turning a tap, it is easy to forget that our water supply is fragile and that hundreds of millions of people do not have clean drinking water or proper sanitation.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert
Paolo Troilo

Hyperrealist artist who paints with fingers and art director

We would all love to be in a transparent world, being able to move elegantly when it is not asked of us. Water demands no respect, it leaves us free to decide, this, deserves respect.

Photo credits: Adriano Mujelli
Roberto Ridi

International landscape and nature photographer

The sea is what water means to me, a magnificent liquid, the sky's mirror. I live on an island, embraced by this immense element, changing, unstoppable, capable of instilling serenity but commanding respect, both gentle and mighty.  From the transparency of the surface to its dark depths, it is like the human soul.

Photo credits: Roberto Ridi
Elina Manninen

Photographer. Water lover

To have the waters clean for the coming generations is a big task and close to my heart.

Photo credits: Elina Manninen
Elia Locardi
Stati Uniti

World Travel Photographer, Keynote Speaker, Creative Entrepreneur

The most extraordinary beauty can be found in the water.

Photo credits: Naomi Locardi
Claudia Hinterseer
Hong Kong

Video producer and educator

Water is our lifeline and can be life threatening. Here’s to depicting and reflecting upon it in all its glory.

Photo credits: Ivan Abreu
Mario Macilau

Photographer and environmental activist.

Issues addressed to both water crises and climate change with the natural catastrophes risks, it poses to particular people, places and human systems, mostly in Africa where the base of infrastructures are absents in certain location, locals are suffering for water and young children are often missing school due the taken long journey looking for water.

Photo credits: Mario Macilau
GMB Akash

GMB Akash is Photojournalist, Writer, Speaker, Philanthropist. Received over 100 awards.

Some people have no time to enjoy the rain because they remain too busy collecting drinking water. Please do not waste a drop of water, someone out there is spending hours just trying to get some!

Photo credits: Gmb Akash
Ying Ang

Photographer, director and educator

Water is life.

Photo credits: Ying Ang
Loredana De Pace

Photo Editor, art curator and journalist

Clear, sweet fresh water... (Petrarca)

Photo credits: Loredana De Pace